Bricking It For Canada: A 'Brickstarter' To Build A Wall On The U.S. Border

  • by: Maarten Schenk

British satirical TV show The Last Leg is so worried Donald Trump will win the U.S. presidential election that they've decided to do something about it. Fearing an invasion of Canada by American refugees who 'carry too many guns' and eat 'too much food, compared to regular refugees' they have started an action named #BrickingItForCanada so a wall can be built between the United States and Canada.

Viewers were asked to pledge bricks on the website, a 'Brickstarter' as it were. The site immediately went down because of the massive influx of traffic and was still down at the time of writing.

The video in which the action was announced is on its way to go viral too:

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